To bring life and spirit to Southern California, the highly anticipated Second Annual United States Martial Arts Festival kicks, punches, flips, rolls and entertains its way into Los Angeles to be held November 5, 2011 at the Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center located in the City of Redondo Beach of Los Angeles. With plenty of free parking, the doors will open at 11:00 am, and the various presentations and martial arts demonstrations are scheduled to run from 12 pm to 5 pm. The event will be locally televised by United Television Broadcasting (UTB) Hollywood and covered by various radio stations, magazines and newspapers to promote and celebrate the festival in the Los Angeles area.

Presented by the United States Martial Arts Committee (USMAC) of the Shin Koyamada Foundation (SKF) and the Japan Foundation, Los Angeles the purpose of the annual United States Martial Arts Festival event is to promote the arts and celebrate the international cultural community.

The proceeds will benefit the martial arts scholarship program (MASP) of the SKF, which is designed to provide underprivileged youth with funds so they can start training in martial arts in their neighborhood martial arts schools. MASP’s mission is to help young people discover martial arts as a means to learn self-discipline and enhance one’s potential in life and their communities. USMAC’s initiatives include Martial Arts Scholarship Program and United States Martial Arts Festival.  The first MASP recipient being Corrine Allas (pictured between SKF’s co-founders Shin Koyamada and the event’s host Nia Lyte). 

Martial arts masters from many countries such as Japan, South Korea, USA, China, Brazil, Taiwan, Israel and Egypt are strongly showing their support for this event by voluntarily performing their country’s martial arts for the added benefits of peace, unity and brotherhood. National Anthem by Yolanda Mitchell West. The internationally famous Internet and television hostess Nia Lyte will host the day’s event. The Festival’s celebrity special guest is Shin Koyamada (Star of the epic film The Last Samurai and Disney Channel’s internationally hit teen movie Wendy Wu Homecoming Warrior, and co-creator of the manga comic book Dreamhoppers). Some sponsors, schools and supporters will set up booths/tables to present and promote their organizations. Food and beverages will be provided at the Center.

The event performers will include the Guardian Angels, Richard Bustillo (International Martial Arts and Boxing Academy), Nori Bunasawa (Jukken Do Karate), Grandmaster Fumio Demura (Shito-Ryu Karate-Do Genbu-Kai International), Jinenkan Kobudo, Grandmaster Kenji Yamaki (Yamaki Karate), Lua Hâlau O Kaihewalu martial arts, South Bay Capoera School, Master Wang Xiao-jun (Jin Wu kung fu), Grandmaster Rogers (Kwa Asilia Avita Sanaa), Kuk Sool Won, Grandmaster Anthony Ho Nan-jie (Wuji Qigong Taiji Quan), Lotar Elite Training Center, Sideswipe Performance Team (XMA: Xtreme Martial Arts) and The United States Marine Corps. 

The sponsors for the 2011 USMAF include Elemental-Labs, Inc, Shinca Design, Claudia Hallowell, Nippon Yuuki Co., Ltd, Cosmo Suisan Co., Ltd, Asuka Bio Co. Ltd, S&L Management, Inc, Housing America Reality, Coca-Cola, Powerade, North Alabama Family Medicine, Preco, M.E.T.A.L. Law Group, Romanian International Bank (RIB), Armenica Productions, Guilty Studios and Vivalachi Alternative Health and Wellness, as well as media sponsors such as United Television Broadcasting Systems, Nia Lyte and The Consulate-General of Japan Los Angeles, Japan National Tourism Organization, the Japanese American Cultural & Community Center and Kei Shin Kai Karate-Do are also major supporters of the festival. 

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